Sunday, December 12, 2010

reading lagi~

ok! ok! because of the boredness<-- (is there a such thing of this word??) like hell at the shop.. then my friend noticed me with my blank face, while i am starring no where, suddenly he introduced me with this 1 particular english novel.. (ohh patut la entri ni nak tulis english kan!). in my mind said, what???!! hahhh... after a while, i've been realized that, the last time i read about... ermm..... 7 months ago.. wow! hmmmm... ok... why not? before, i read sophie kinsela, author from confession of a shopaholic.. not really serious, and very teenage novel.. like me.. (teenage lagi ker?) and also humor... but this novel, based on true story, really serious, and the best part is, this book have been choosen the best book in Oprah's Book Club. isnt that great?! ;)

baru chapter one, dah rase best!! tak sabar nak sambung bace lagi this coming Tuesday.. yeayyyy!!!

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