Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy CNY!

happy chinese new year to all~ hopefully this year of tiger will bring us luck.. insyaAllah. smuanya perlu berusaha. 'usaha tangga kejayaan', motto sekolah menengah aku. hehheee. so i just spent my time with my boyfie at pavilion and,as we arrived, most of the shop closed early. maybe bcoz of nak 'makan besar'.. and i drop by f21 to shop a lil bit. heeeee~ thanks to my fren laila.. i love her being a cashier.. then watched a jackie chan's movie 'a little big soldier'. after that lepak2 kat coffee bean makan chicken pie die sungguh lazat. bcoz at that time i still did not have my dinner. heeeeee~ lepas lepak kat coffee bean, lepak pulak kat studio ampang. jumpe kwn2, about 8 of our frens. makan lagi burger oblong daging share with my boyfie. damn kenyang. tomorrow morning have to work out~ hahhaahhahahaa... then sampai rumah, here i am blogging~ :)

chicken pie.. yum! yum!

i like the angle but i dont like my face~ :(

i like my face but i dont like the angle~ :)

im wearing polkadot romper bought from fashionista forever, red cardigan from agenda, sling bag from everything76.

credit to mr.akmal for the shot.


siti nor zahrah said...

i looooveeeee ur stylee!!! mmmuuahhhh :)

darwina said...

mmuuuuaahhhh too~ tQ.. :)