Monday, January 25, 2010

spy next door~

here i am.. sitting in front of my laptop. n my heart beats faster than normal.. and that is mean i cant wait to write something new here.. hahahaa.. yesterday my bf n i tgk movie, adnan sempit tapi takde. mungkin show utk ari tu dh abis kot. famous gak cite tu kan? bagus.. support filem malaysia. oleh sbb itu kami pun tgk cite jackie chan, 'spy next door'. secara keseluruhannye.. cite die ok laaaaa~ takde aksi sgt seperti jackie chan selalu lakon kan.. biase jek.. and here i am..

i'm wearing short length dress,legging pant,owl necklace n silver flat shoe (ofcoz u cant see dat) all frm forever21, LC handbag, and my fav dkny silver watch

what matters most is dat i had spent my time with him..


Liyana said...

demmit.. semua jenama ko sebut.. mantap!

darwina said...

hahahahhahahaha~ :)