Saturday, January 30, 2010

guess what??

helloo to all, GUESS what? yesterday unexpected thing happened, i was in the middle of no where dreaming, on my bed, and i was waken up by my sis and she said 'surprise!!' and i just.. what is it?? it's a handbag! omg.. tQ sis.. i really don't expect that.. nyway.. tQ very much sis.. :)

later that night, i met my boyfie, spent time with him before he went back to s.a. decided want to karaoke that nite, but.. ohhh damn full of people!! then plan B. BOWLING!! hmmmmmm~ very disappointed FULL as well. no plan C. just walking around the mall. and we stopped at this particular cd store. andddd... guess what?? i bought 'the biggest loser workout exercise and routines. hahaha.. since im not working these days, so why not i try this at home.. at least i got something to do rather than eat and facing the laptop all the time.. do something healthy! hahahahaa

see the girl in a black tank top? hope i can be like her.. u wish~ duhhhh~

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