Thursday, January 28, 2010

kuntilanak vs tooth fairy

here it goes, yesterday we went to see movie.. ofcoz with my l_0\/3 and his frenz at pavilion (again..) hehhehee~ we watched not only 1 but 2 movies in 1 nite! damn! my 1st time ever.. hahaa.. the 1st movie that we watched is kuntilanak. damn.... as far as i know i hate watching that kind of stuff.. (penakotttt). dat movie damn banyak terkejut2. arghhh.. i just closed my eyes + covered up my face with my palm if the ghost wants to appear. damn! i hate watching ghost movie.. and bout the story line? boriiinnngggggg~ tak best!

and the 2nd movie is tooth fairy. arghhh.. i like dat movie!! so relaxing n funny.. after all, i totally forget bout the kuntilanak dat im being sooo scared if i cant sleep dat nite, and here i am.. survive! sleep like a sleeping beauty.. taknak tgk cite hantu lagi.. plzzzz!!

from top to bottom all forever21. :)

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