Thursday, May 27, 2010


i juz want to share this picture with all of you.. pic of me with dato jimmy choo~ guess what? he's very friendly and really down to earth and still can speak in malay~ but kind of weirdo~ OMG.. he's very dem friendly!!! also in this picture is my boss owner of YTL dato yeoh soo min. its a great experience to have this such oppurtunity with big society~ 
L-R: Britain's Male Model, Julien McDonald (fashion designer),Nadiah (my Clique), Dato Yeoh Soo Min (Big Boss), Dato' Jimmy Choo, and myself..


acim said...

tak heran la jimmy choo...
die dtg fssr kitorg x pegi pon die nye talk..hehehe

darwina said...

hahahahhahaa.. siot punye acim!!