Thursday, August 12, 2010

reunion sekolah

helloooo~ its been a while... ermmm.... well, kind of busy right now.. busy apo ko bondonyo? yela, kerjaya skang dah tambah, jadi makgad di kedai~ berdiri sambil pegang senapang gajah.. dem! anyway its not to late to wish ya happy fasting month to all muslim. b4 puasa dat day on 7th august, my ex high school buat reunion di the nomad, sucasa jalan ampang. betol2 dekat dengan sekolah.. hahaahahaa.. we really had a great time together, catching up one another.. fellas friends brought their baby~ cute giler.. baby amna and zafran both of them really cute! and, the place is getting hotter when 'the revenge girl' performed.. waaaaaaaaaaaaa....

*the revenge girl.. aaaawwwww.. so dem hot!

and now waiting for another reunion again for us.. mybe bout 2 or 3 years later.. heheehhehe.. catch up lagi dgn kawan2.. bertambah lagi baby yang comel2.. Uwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

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